August 29th, 2009

    Outi Pukarinen is a girl, currently a 25-years old, who loves comics, napping, lemon balm tea, ridiculously long titles and autumn. Her first printed comic was published in September 2009.


    The first album is called “Raspberry-red rubber boots and other things that make me happy” and here are the instructions on how to claim a copy of it;

    If you wish to buy my zine, this is how it works
    1. send an e-mail to outidp at gmail.co
    2. you can either send 4 euros (plus the postal fee) via mail, or transfer it straight to my account.
    3.once I get the money (and your address!) your comic packs it’s bags and starts it’s journey.
    you can visit the awesome store in Helsinki, Pitkämies, and buy it from there.